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  • PLCC ZIF (open top)

PLCC ZIF (open top)

  • Plastic Lead Chip Carrier (Open Top)
  • Clamshell socket for PLCC packages
  • Auto-ejecting type for automated operation (IC is inserted in operation and pushing the cover raises it for easy IC removal)
  • Available for 2 types of IC orientation (Live-bug & Dead-bug)

General Specifications
Insulation Resistance:  1,000Mmin. at 500V DC 
Withstanding Voltage:  700V AC for 1 minute 
Contact Resistance:  30m max. at10mA / 20mV max. 
Current Rating:  1A max. 
Operating Temp. Range:  –40°C to +170°C 
Mating Cycles:  10,000 insertions min. 
Materials and Finish
Housing:  Upper Body- PPS
Lower Body PEI glass filled 
Contacts:  Beryllium Copper (BeCu) 
Plating:  Au over Ni 
Part Number
This item is built to order, please call for price and delivery options