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Adapters-Plus Delta Probe Test Clips for QFP, SOP and TSOP packages.

The Delta probe has Compressible wedge conductors that insert tightly between the IC pins. Each wedge contains two conductors that allows for redundant electrical contact to each IC pin. The Probes are ideal for debugging, prototype and in circuit programming. They are compatible with Agilent and Tektronix Logic Analyzers.

Available in 0.5mm, 0.65mm and 0.80mm lead pitches.  

Features & Benifits:

  • Electrically stable

  • Mechanically robust

  • Non-Evasive

  • High Quality

  • Hand assembled

  • Customizable 

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Part Number: 8800-0033


128 pin TQFP Delta Probe Test Clip, fits a 14x20mm body, 0.55 mm pitch. It provides a mechanically stable, non evasive method for gaining signal access to your soldered device. The top side of the delta probe is an 13x13 PGA socket. To convert top female socket to male pins, use part # 8800-0036

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Price: $1057.50

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